Bobrick B-5806 Series Handicap Grab Bars

Bobrick B-5806 Series Handicap Grab Bars

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The Bobrick B-5806 Series are handicap grab bars that are stainless steel with a satin, slip-resistant finish. It is 1-1/4" diameter tubing for a bath/shower/toilet compartment. Snap Flange. Add .99 for a satin peened surface.
The handicap grab bars are available in these lengths:
B-5806 x 18 18"
B-5806 x 24 24"
B-5806 x 30 30Ò
B-5806 x 36 36Ò
B-5806 x 42 42Ò
B-5806 x 48 48Ò

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