SwiftWall® Temporary Wall Systems

SwiftWall® offers easy-to-install temporary wall systems that are recyclable and reusable. Our temporary wall systems are ideal for airports, schools, events, retail, warehouses, medical facilities, construction sites, and more. They are made from aluminum and are perfect for any building that needs to change the interior or flow often.

Why SwiftWall Temporary Wall Systems?

SwiftWall is designed to allow anyone to divide or reconfigure a space quickly to suit their current needs. These high-quality temporary walls can be assembled in a matter of minutes and disassembled just as quickly.

Eliminates the need to demolish walls, which means you also will not have to worry about things like rewiring a wall or cleaning up the mess from demolition and drywall.

SwiftWall temporary wall systems can be reused at least four times, but many report reusing 15 or more times. When the walls cannot be reused anymore, they can be recycled — in fact, SwiftWall temporary walls are over 90% recyclable!

  • Installs 5X faster
  • Non-hygroscopic ABS, textured finished on both sides
  • Very lightweight, durable, easy to handle
  • STC21 sound rating
  • Class C fire rated(optional Class A aluminum skins)
  • 20+ reuses
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  • All the benefits of SwiftWall Pro panel with up to 2.75 ft of adjustable height – no cutting required
  • Superior finished wall appearance(framework concealed within finished surface)
  • Available in ASTM E-84 Class A and C fire rating, ICRA Class V
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  • Installs 3X faster
  • Weather resistant marine aluminum panels
  • White powder coated glossy finish, mold and mildew resistant
  • Extremely strong, sturdy and lightweight
  • Highly engineered for load bearing applications including wind and seismic applications
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  • Compatible with Swiftwall Pro
  • Installs 5X faster
  • Non-hygroscopic, expanded PVC skins for smooth surface on both sides
  • Extremely lightweight, durable, very easy to handle
  • Sound damping
  • Multiple reuses
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