SwiftWall® Flex Temporary Wall System with a Door

The SwiftWall Flex system is a reusable temporary wall system with a door that has an adjustable height to fit various ceiling heights without cutting. The SwiftWall Flex panels are designed for a fast installation with our channel and track system. Each of the gorgeous panels that are part of our temporary wall system is designed to be combined with windows or door panels.

The SwiftWall Flex temporary wall system is made of interlocking panels with adjustable height. There are multiple floor and top mounting options available. These temporary walls can come with windows or a door. There are endless ways that this temporary wall system can be reconfigured, allowing you to change it around as needed.

SwiftWall Flex Benefits

  • Adjustable height so no cutting is required
  • Offers the highest value on adjustable walls on the market
  • Framework is concealed when assembled, giving you a finished appearance
  • Installs 5x faster than drywall
  • Easy to add and remove graphics
  • Reusable 20+ times
  • Sustainable and recyclable

SwiftWall Flex Features

  • Up to 2.75 ft of adjustment
  • Top panel is adjustable with only the Allen wrench that comes with the panels
  • Manufactured with non-hygroscopic materials, so the temporary wall system will not absorb or retain water
  • Available in Class A and Class C fire ratings.
  • Stronger than drywall.

SwiftWall Flex Components

The SwiftWall Flex modular walls with a door system come with these components:

  • Adjustable height wall panels (4 ft wide x 4, 8, 10, 12, 16 ft high with up to 2.75 ft adjustment)
  • Pre-Assembled door
  • Track
  • C-Channel

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